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Some things on my mind

Choice noun /CHois/ an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.   I have been doing a lot of thinking in regards to that word; Choice. (Okay, it’s starting to look a bit weird now. Ever realize that? The more you say a word or write it, it just… Read More Some things on my mind


The Importance of treating your child with respect

How many of us go around screaming and yelling at other people? How many times are we bossy to complete strangers… demanding that they do  “what we say or else”? Acting superior to others..belittling people. Or more, making fun of them..hitting them?! I’ve been thinking a lot about our society and the way it treats… Read More The Importance of treating your child with respect


Parenting and what it has taught me

Being a mother has to be one of God’s greatest gifts. Until becoming a mother, I had no clue what love was. Let me explain; back then I knew “love” to be something that makes you feel good. I equated it with something you get when you are in a relationship or what you feel… Read More Parenting and what it has taught me


Chronic illness, and our power

So many of us take for granted our health. I include myself in this one! I can remember a time when I could wake up and not be in pain as if I had just ran a marathon. I remember feeling excited every day for what my day may hold. I can remember my thoughts… Read More Chronic illness, and our power



What is this feeling that I feel at 2 o’ clock in the morning? When I am the only one awake in my home..  A kind of nostalgic feeling, like I am an old woman looking at her life with feelings of love and bittersweet sadness. I allow my mind to wander and my heart… Read More Reflecting



Hello everyone and thank you for visitng my page! My name is Tricia Helie, and I am 25 years young. I live in the United States (Connecticut) I am a wife and a stay-at-home mother to a 5 year old boy. I am home schooling him right now and some of these posts on my… Read More Introduction